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Cyber Security Course For Beginners

Course content : What is information security? -Introduction of Information security -How attackers access to information -What are the types of breaches -Use of hashing -Importance of cryptography etc. Introduction to Cyber Security: - What is Hacking? - various forms of hacking What harm are hackers capable of causing? What motivates people to hack? What are the goals of Ethical Hacker? What are the Skills and Tools required for Ethical Hackers? Some Essential Tools required becoming Ethical Hacker Process of Ethical Hacking What are the Key Domains Of Ethical Hacking? What is bWAPP? Lesson 1: Introduction This course will provide you the introduction about information security fundamentals. In this course we will know about what is Information security, how attackers access to information, what are the types of breaches, use of hashing, importance of cryptography etc. The practice of preventin