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MS Word Shortcut Keys

MS Word Shortcut Keys MCQs | For All Competitive Exams and Interviews, Hidden features of MS Word To work Fast Keyboard shortcuts are a quick and efficient way to perform common tasks in Microsoft Word. By learning a few keyboard shortcuts, you can save time and improve your productivity. Here are some of the benefits of using keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word: Increased speed and efficiency: Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform common tasks without having to move your mouse. This can save you a lot of time, especially when you are working on a large document. Improved accuracy: Keyboard shortcuts can help you avoid errors.  Increased comfort: Using keyboard shortcuts can be more comfortable than using the mouse, especially if you have wrist or hand pain. Once you have learned a few keyboard shortcuts, you will be amazed at how much time you can save. Keyboard shortcuts can help you be more productive and efficient in Microsoft Word. If you are using ms word, if you are prepar

Best Excel Shortcut Keys

Best Excel Shortcut Keys || मिनटों का काम सेकंड्स में होगा , how to work fast in excel through keyboard. In this article we will learn 15 Excel Shortcuts uses which will help to work better. This is equally useful for teachers, students, operators etc.  Best Excel Shortcut Keys Best Shortcut keys of Excel: Ctrl+Pagedown  and Ctrl+PageUp:: To navigate among sheets-अगर आपको एक शीत से दूसरे शीट में जाना है बिना माउस का प्रयोग किये तो आप इस shortcut key का स्तेमाल कर सकते हैं|  Ctrl+R and Ctrl+D :: अगर आपको किसी formula या text को right में कॉपी करना है तो इस shortcut key का स्तेमाल कर सकते हैं | Ctrl+D ====== To Duplicate any object or To fill Down इसका स्तेमाल करके किसी भी कमांड को दुसरे सेल में कॉपी कर सकते हैं या फिर नीचे के सिलेक्टेड cells में कॉपी कर सकते हैं |  F2: इसका स्तेमाल करके एडिट कर सकते हैं किसी भी सेल को, जैसे किसी formula को एडिट करना हो या फिर किसी text को | F4== To Repeat last command and To Add Fixed Reference i.e. to fix any cell, Check Example in video.  Alt+= :