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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):
FAQ related to ABCSA, faq related to open computer center in INDIA
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What is ABCSA?
Akhil Bhartiya Computer Siksha Abhiyan(ABCSA) is an ISO certified institution registered under Government Of India and running under "High-Tech Information Technology Development Society". Our mission is to spread computer education everywhere in India.

What is Information Technology?
It means use of technology along with hardware, software, computers, mobile, laptops etc to perform day to day works. IT makes the work easier, faster and smooth.

What types of courses are available at Akhil Bhartiya Computer Siksha Abhiyan?
ABCSA offers a variety of courses like certificate courses, diploma courses, advance diploma courses, professional courses, for Details CLICK HERE

What are the placements & career prospects after completing a course from ABCSA?
The focus of ABCSA is to generate professionals who are able to work efficiently at offices and also able to open there own work. ABCSA regularly assist to get best jobs. 
We also motivate students to become entrepreneur and start there own work after completion of courses. 
To know more about career in IT field CLICK HERE

How to take Franchise of ABCSA?
If you want to open computer center then do check our franchise details which is given below or you can also call or email for details, If you are ready then we will send you a form and formalities, as soon as you send the details we will give authorisation code and immediately you can start your computer center.

Do ABCSA provide study material?
YES! ABCSA provide self study material in easy language and with examples, any one can attend class and also take the benefit of life long learning facility.

What to do if any course is not available in website?
If you are interested in any course then do send an email , if it is available then we will inform as soon as possible.

Do ABCSA run Online Courses?
YES, ABCSA run online courses and upgrading regularly.

How ABCSA Take Exams?
ABCSA use 2 methods for taking examinations, offline exams is taken at centers of ABCSA and online exam is also taken for the online registered students.

What about validity of Certificates and Diploma?
Certificates and diploma of ABCSA valid everywhere in INDIA except where UGC is required. 
FAQ related to ABCSA, faq related to open computer center in INDIA

So JOIN ABCSA now and make career in IT, be an entrepreneur and earn unlimited.