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C Programming Tutorial

C Programming Tutorial
C programming language is a general-purpose, imperative popular computer programming language. It supports structured programming, variable scope, recursion, provide low-level access to memory etc. C become one of the most widely used programming languages of all time. C is also the most widely used programming language for writing operating systems, UNIX is the first programming language written in C.

What You Will Learn In This Tutorial:
  • Interesting facts about c language
  • History of C Programming Language
  • Your First C Program
  • How to Write and Compile a C Program
  • Rules for Writing Identifiers
  • Keywords in C
  • C Data Type Modifiers
  • Data Types
  • Memory Size in bytes Min-Max Range
  • C Character Data Type
  • C Program to Show Size of Basic Data Types
  • C Programming Variables
  • Difference between Variable Declaration and Definition in C
  • Program Output
  • C Operators
  • Conditional Operators in C
  • If Statement in C Programming
  • C program to print days of week in words
  • Switch case statements
  • Loops in C
  • Fibonacci Series in C language.
  • While Statement
  • do...while loop in C
  • C Functions
  • Function Arguments
  • Global Variables
  • Formal Parameters
  • C Arrays
  • C Pointers
  • C Strings
  • C Structures
  • Typedef
  • The Standard Files

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